Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zbrush Studies

Back into the swing of things, I'm doing some Zbrush studies. Getting more comfortable with Zspheres, and learning to control them. Because I lack control, I usually use Zspheres sparely, but I'm experimenting with using more to really fill in the form. Also trying to build up speed working with these, this guy took about 20 minutes. Enjoyed figuring out the hands immensely, Zspheres work great for this.

This is the second study I did today, and it developed a strange anomaly, as you can see. I wanted a bit more bulk in the back, and to give the shoulders the right shape, so I added an extra sphere in between the torso-shoulder sphere and the arm-shoulder sphere. When I switched to the adaptive skin, there was a discernible bulge that wouldn't go away, you can see the crushed geometry in the pic above. So I shrugged and deleted it, which gave me this result:

"Beautiful fucking Tits!" -Raoul Duke

I'm not sure what could cause an error with the adaptive skin like this. Any ideas? Things to avoid when working with Zspheres?

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