Thursday, September 24, 2009

My First Three Zbrushes

Been learning Zbrush at work. It's a pretty fun software to work with, it feels alot like drawing in a sketchbook. The skull-head was the first thing I did, simple mesh made in Maya exported to Zbrush for sculpting, a lot of people do grotesque subjects as their first Zbrush as it's fairly easy to do and make look cool with little experience. I was hoping to break from that and do something clean and nice, but I clearly failed on that account. These other two heads were quick models for testing how normal maps can be generated and exported to the game engine. I've run into some issues when I generate uv's in Zbrush, it's as if each uv shell is generated in it's own worlspace, which creates noticeable seams in the engine. Still working on that one. This is fun, I am looking forward to doing more.

Here's something that came about while I was messing around on the canvas: