Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beasts, Cakes, and Monsters

Doing a lot of vertex baking/exporting/building at work, and drawing helps fill the time. I asked Ted for a theme to draw. He said "boobs", which is a little bland. Breasts on their lonesome just aren't that interesting. It's the juxtaposition of the human form with cultural or social elements that makes the art more interesting. He recommended pancakes and aliens. No taste that guy.

I'm not particularly capable drawing female bodies in an attractive way, I just won't permit myself to on an emotional level. So I took the opportunity to work on that.

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Moro Rogers said...

What's up? Sorry I haven't been on IM much, been kinda busy and keeping a different schedule. (Also, I realize your blog may not be an appropriate venue for this kind of message but I don't have access to my hotmail contact list anymore.=p Drop me a line at mororogers@gmail.com )